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  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Adventure, Biography, Drama, Thriller
  • Country: Australia | Colombia | UK
  • Language: English | Spanish | German
  • Time: 115
  • Director: Greg McLean
  • Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Yasmin Kassim, Luis Jose Lopez, ...
  • Yossi Ghinsberg is fond of travel and believes that soon he'll be able to find real treasures, he just needs to know their storage location. Together with his friends, Yossi goes camping in the wild and impenetrable Amazonian jungle to find the Aboriginal tribe. He understands that it's very easy to get lost in the jungle, so Yossi hires a guide and goes on a trip. From the very beginning of their adventures, Yossi lost his friends and guide, and remained completely alone in the wilderness. The young guy doesn't know how to survive in such conditions, especially without matches, knife, clothes, food and a lack of survival skills. He understands that he has to fight his fears, to meet dangerous animals and poisonous plants on his way. Yossi must develop a plan to get out of the dangerous jungle alive...

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