The Snowman

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  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Country: UK | USA | China | Sweden | Japan
  • Language: English | Russian
  • Time: 119
  • Director: Tomas Alfredson
  • Cast: Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, ...
  • The plot of the crime thriller tells a story that happened in Oslo in 2004. The mysterious criminal for many years carries out the same crime, with the advent of the first snow, a married woman disappears. Each year, one of the residents of the city becomes a victim of a criminal and the police cannot find the kidnapper who they nicknamed The Snowman. To reveal the next abduction, an experienced detective, Harry Hole begins to study the evidence and behavior of the killer, at each place of the abduction, the offender leaves a snowman. The victim of the kidnapper was never a woman who doesn't have a husband and children, so the circle of victims can be reduced, but the number of alleged victims is still too much. Harry lost sleep, he always thinks about The Snowman, because very soon the time will come for the first snowfall, and the time for a new victim. Together with his partner, Harry must find the killer before the first snow falls...