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Trailer: Life

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  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English | Japanese | Vietnamese
  • Time: 104
  • Director: Daniel Espinosa
  • Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, ...
  • This film tells the story of experienced astronauts onboard the ISS, who perform one of the most important missions in the history of mankind — they have to intercept the module with the rocks, that they managed to get on the planet Mars. Roy coped with the task, and now the materials for further research are on board the spacecraft. Quite by chance, they discover an extraterrestrial life form. This can be a real breakthrough in the field of planetary exploration. A living organism responds to touch, researchers continue to conduct various kinds of experiments on an extraterrestrial creature, each time they endanger their lives, and very soon they'll face real horror. A living and unknown creature for science is in a sealed laboratory chamber, but what will happen if it can get out?

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