My Boyfriend's Meds

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  • Year: 2020
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: Mexico
  • Language: Spanish
  • Time: 100
  • Director: Diego Kaplan
  • Cast: Jason Alexander, Brooke Shields, Brian Baumgartner, ...
  • Jess met Hank in a mattress store; she is a successful marketer working in a large tequila company. Their meeting wasn't an accident, they liked each other and a romantic relationship arises between them. Jess tells absolutely everything about her life, but Hank decides to hide one secret, he is sick and forced to take medicine. After a while, Jess invites Hank to go with her to the island, for her it's a business trip, but also an opportunity to spend free time together. Hank agrees, but upon arrival on the island realizes that he forgot his medicine. Now his behavior can hardly be called adequate, because of her boyfriend, Jess may lose not only a profitable contract, but also a job...