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Trailer: Hustlers

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  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Time: 110
  • Director: Lorene Scafaria
  • Cast: Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, ...
  • From childhood, they dreamed of a carefree, successful and glamorous life, some of them need to help their relatives, some need money to study, they are different, but at the same time they are one family. Girls work in the famous strip club on Wall Street, and every day they bring pleasure to successful managers, brokers, financiers, and in general — stock exchange geniuses. But once their life changed, the crisis forced the girls to look at life differently, now they have no way to buy expensive things, go to beauty salons and just spend money for their pleasure. Ramona understands that financial geniuses robbed her family, they need to return the money in any way using their weapon — beauty...