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Trailer: Anon

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  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Country: Germany | USA | Canada
  • Language: English
  • Time: 100
  • Director: Andrew Niccol
  • Cast: Clive Owen, Afiya Bennett, Morgan Allen, ...
  • In the world of the future there is no place for confidentiality, absolutely all information about a person, his accounts, movement, purchases and everything else is controlled by the government. Totalitarian surveillance has been established for people, and the government considers it right. A person has no personal life left, only elected representatives of the authorities can have private territories, even the person’s memories are preserved in order to prevent possible crimes. Because of this, criminality on the planet is practically absent. It would seem that absolutely all citizens of the state are under control, but once, Detective Sal Frieland met a girl about whom there is absolutely no information in the database. She has no name, history, and no records of her life. Sal starts to ponder this, how is this possible? Soon, the doors to a hidden criminal world will open before him...