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Trailer: Soul

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  • Year: 2020
  • Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Music
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Time: 100
  • Directors: Pete Docter, Kemp Powers
  • Cast: Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham Norton, ...
  • His soul is wholly owned by music, school music teacher Joe Gardner dreams of his own performance on the big stage. Soon his dream will come true, but the accident changes the teacher’s plans. He finds himself in a place where the souls of unborn people appear, first they have to choose their life path, hobbies, and only then find a body for themselves in our world. Joe meets a soul named 22, who still doesn't know who she wants to be in her future life. From this moment incredible adventures for the main character begin, he must find himself and return to our world...

Victoria 03.07.2021 11:28

This cartoon turned out to be very unusual, and it's not for nothing that it received high marks from the audience. Cartoon Soul is suitable for viewing by both, children and adults, who have not yet been able to find their profession and purpose in life) A simple cartoon but with deep meaning. I liked this colorful cartoon more than various action films, thrillers and comedies, because it makes the viewer think about life. I can only say one thing - this is a very SOUL movie)

Linda 03.07.2021 11:33

After watching a cartoon that, it would seem, was created for children, you really start to think about your life, because each of us probably has our own purpose in life, has our own SOUL, and every day we just sometimes do not notice the beautiful little things that are able to change our life, give us incredible and unforgettable emotions that our SOUL feels! The creators of the cartoon have forgotten that their main audience is children, because it seems to me that the cartoon was created specifically for adults! Many thanks to two wonderful companies Disney and Pixar for an amazing job that left a lot of emotions in my soul!

Kady 04.07.2021 17:36

This is the best cartoon I’ve ever seen. Thanks for HD quality!

Jady 04.07.2021 18:07

In my opinion, the two studios decided to shoot a cartoon especially for adults, since a lot of moments in the cartoon make you think and rethink your life! The cartoon will be interesting for children, as it is truly colorful, bright and funny! Nice and sincere cartoon for the whole family. Probably, after a while I will watch it again!

Daniel 06.07.2021 23:12

This is not just an ordinary or regular cartoon from famous film companies, but a real masterpiece that you want to watch over and over again. After watching the cartoon Soul, you start to think about your life, the existence of the human soul and your purpose in this world ... The main meaning of the cartoon, in my opinion, is not to miss Life itself, follow your goal and just do your favorite thing so that your Soul feels that you are doing good in this world to everyone around you, your family, that you are a real person, because it is the soul that gives each of us those unforgettable feelings and emotions ... Just watch online this movie, I think, you’ll like this great and colorful cartoon! P.S.: thank u for hd quality!

Helix 11.07.2021 11:04

Cool cartoon for whole family! I get a lot of positive emotions :)))

Nina 20.07.2021 07:58

Great and positive movie for children and adults, many funny situations, cool and bright colors, awesome!!! I like it!!!

Adam91 15.09.2021 17:32

After watching this fantastic cartoon, you start to think that really, every person or animal has its own soul, and it seems to me that even cars have a soul, since I often talk to my car, and when I was selling an old car, I almost cried, because with this car I have a lot of memories that are a part of my soul. Kind, colorful and funny cartoon for the whole family!!!