Child's Play

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  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Horror
  • Country: Canada | USA
  • Language: English | Vietnamese
  • Time: 90
  • Director: Lars Klevberg
  • Cast: Tim Matheson, Ben Daon, Zahra Anderson, ...
  • Not enough people like to moving another city. Karen Barclay, along with his son Andy, were forced to change their place of residence and environment. A 13-year-old boy is not at all easy in the new city, because he needs to make new friends, and in order to cheer up his son, Karen decides to give him a Buddi doll for his birthday. After a while, the boy realizes that something is wrong with his doll, and terrible murders that look like an accident begin to occur near their house. Who can believe the boy that an ordinary doll is to blame for all the murders? Together with new friends, Andy decides to destroy the damned doll who committed more than a dozen murders...

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