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Every day, millions of people around the world are looking for the opportunity to watch movies online, 123Movies official website provides absolutely all movie lovers with the best selections in high quality, 123movies website has all movies added in HD quality so that you can enjoy watching. At any time of the day you can visit 123movies and watch your favorite movies of any genre to relax and get extremely positive emotions. In our time, it's difficult to imagine our life without movies and TV series, every day viewers are pleased with the appearance of new films. Over the course of a century, movies have improved, genres have been added, and now, films use a lot of computer graphics that cannot be distinguished from reality. On 123movies you will find movies from 1900 to 2021, more than 20,000 movies online in good quality.

What can be found on 123movies?

Movie collection from 123 movie

In 2020 alone, more than 10,000 movies were filmed, but 123movies has chosen for you only the best movies of 2020, of completely different genres. Due to the pandemic in 2020, the premiere of many films was postponed, but some filmmakers decided to present their films on the Internet, and 123movies adds new masterpieces to the site every day so that viewers can enjoy the appearance of new cinema movies and visit our site every day, watch movies online and share your viewing experience in the comments of 123movies.

Movie premieres on 123movie

Sometimes we cannot visit the cinema for a variety of reasons, then 123movies comes to the aid of every movie fan. Did you miss the movie premiere? 123movies provides an opportunity to watch all the new movies of 2021 in good quality and professional sound. Many sites require mandatory registration, but in order to watch movies on 123movies you don't need to register an account and send us any information about yourself, the algorithm of 123movies work is too simple - you are searching for a movie on 123movies, visit the page, click on the 'Play' button and watch the best movies on 123movies for free online, without any restrictions, after watching the movie you share the link with your friends on social networks and allow them to watch movies online on 123movies.

Movies only in HD quality!

We don't deny that some movies on 123movies were added in poor CAM or TS quality, but 123Movies database is constantly updated, we follow the emergence of new movies in good quality and regularly add 2021 movies in HD quality. As for streaming speed, we always use only the best video hosting sites, all films on 123movies are freely available on video hosting sites: abcvideo, clipswatching, mixdrop, videobin, vidlox, vidoza, aparat, streamplay, upstream and many other sites whose players have been added to our site 123movies and their functionality impresses all viewers. On 123movies you can choose movie quality, playback speed, 123movies present movies with subtitles, and other functionality that leaves only positive emotions from watching films.

Movies 2020 on 123movies

Among many new movies, we can highlight only a few hundred that every movie fan should watch, all 2020 movies added in good quality, you can visit the special 123movies category - 'Top movies 2020', there you'll find popular new films and the most anticipated films in 2020.

Superhero movies online

It's difficult to find a person all over the world who hasn't watched at least one movie that is associated with the universes of Marvel or DC comics. Can't find a movie on our 123movies website? Now this isn't a problem, we have prepared a special collection of superhero movies from two comic universes. You can choose absolutely any movie and watch it online. Four parts of the Avengers, many movies that tell the story of each character in the comic book universe: 'Spider-Man', 'Black Widow', 'Thor', 'Iron Man', 'Captain Marvel', 'Black Panther', 'Guardians of the Galaxy', 'Captain America', 'Doctor Strange' and many other films that will give you extremely positive emotions. Great actors, intriguing plots, and incredible computer graphics - all this awaits you in the universe of Marvel comics, and rest assured, after watching any movie, you'll want to recommend 123movies to your friends and family, because all movies are in 2160 quality and with professional sound. DC Comics Universe also provides its stories of a wide variety of heroes and villains, you can watch absolutely all DC Comics movies on 123movies without registration and any restrictions!

Future movie premieres 2022

Are you a real movie fan? Can't get through your day without a movie? Always like to surprise your friends with your cinematic knowledge? Then your friends will be shocked when you tell them about the upcoming movie premieres, which are scheduled for 2022. In the category 123movies 'Movies 2022' we are already starting to add movies that very soon you'll be able to watch online for free and only in good quality. More movies await us in 2022 and among the 123movies premieres we want to focus your attention on such premieres.

Comic book lovers will be happy to know about the upcoming movie premieres: 'Doctor Strange 2 in the Multiverse of Madness', 'Thor 4: Love and Thunder' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3', these will be incredible films with a huge budget, because the previous parts were watched not only by fans of comics, but also by ordinary fans of superhero movies, where there are fantastic worlds, fictional characters who have incredible strength and real heroes who protect our planet from intergalactic villains ... DC Comics continues to introduce viewers to their characters, after the successful premiere of the movie 'Joker', we will be able to find out the biography and appearance of heroes such as 'Batman' and 'Black Adam'. Children can watch cartoons: 'The Addams Family 2' and the story of a monster named Rumble. If you think that in 2021 there will be no other movies on 123movies, then you are mistaken, as we wrote earlier, more than 10,000 movies await us that you can watch online on 123movies for free.

Watch movies on any device

We care about our users and are constantly improving 123 Movies so that you can comfortably watch movies anywhere in the world and on any device. For the convenience of users, 123movies has been adapted for mobile devices and tablets, mobile version of 123movies is no different from the version of the site for PCs, so all the functionality remains available to all users. Our video player plays video on all devices, and supports a choice of quality, you just need to have access to the Internet and then you'll see the amazing world of cinema and many useful 123movies functions.

Trip to the cinema can be postponed

Haven't seen the premiere? Bad weather? No money? Don't want to go to the cinema? Watch online movies on 123movies for free, in any weather and be with your family and friends. Our 123movies website is open for visitors 24 hours, at any time you can watch all movies in high quality.

About 123Movies

After a hard-working day or on a weekend, each of us wants to relax and watch a good movie that uplifting, give vivid emotions, or a horror movie in the evening to get a little adrenaline. On the site 123Movies we have collected films of various genres: action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, history, horror, music, musical, mystery, romance, sci-fi, sport, thriller, war, western and other films. Each viewer will be able to find a films for himself to watch it with his friends and relatives, or enjoy the movie alone. More than 10,000 films of various genres and years are available on our site 123Movies in HD quality for free, at any time you can watch movies online.

If you are a true movie fan, you probably love to watch movies 2020 and be the first among those who watched the film, 123Movies collected the latest movies 2020 with various video quality: CAM, TS, HDTV, DVD, HD, BD, but most users of our site don't like poor quality films, so after a while we update the poor quality of the movie on HD 1080p, so that everyone can watch movies online on 123Movies and get only positive emotions from the clarity and brightness of the video.

You can watch absolutely all movies 2020 and movies 2019 for free in good quality on our official 123Movies website, and in order not to miss the appearance of new films, we strongly recommend that you visit our website 123Movies every day and monitor the emergence of new films. The site administration adds new films in high quality regularly, so at any time you'll find new movies online and can spend time with pleasure! Bookmark our site 123Movies and share the link with your friends on social networks! Give your friends the opportunity to watch free films online in HD quality on 123Movies!